Full Day Fishing Charter Miami

If you are looking for a full day fishing Charter Miami out on the water, then our full day eight hour fishing charter Miami is for you .  A full day fishing charter gives us the fishing charter miami - Sailfishtime to get out to the Swordfish fishing grounds, about 18 miles of Miami Beach, Fl and have a great chance at success.

If you want to target Sailfish, Sharks & other Game Fish our full day charter fishing miami trips give us the time that is needed to have multiple shots at Sailfish & Sharks while keeping busy with other migrating game fish (Mahi, kings, Tuna & Others).

More About our Fishing Charter Miami…

Full Day fishing charters miami also lets gives us the time try multiple fishing styles such as Kite Fishing, Trolling, Live Bait trolling, Wreck & Bottom fishing.  All or some in one day, depending on the conditions of the day

We routinely catch Sailfish, SharksTunaWahooDolphin (Mahi Mahi) & Kingfish out on the deep reef & Gulf Stream edge.  We may be Kite fishinglive bait fishing or trolling.  On the near shore reefs you may see Spanish MackerelJack CaravelleYellowtail SnapperBonitaBluefish, BarracudaBlue Runner & Gag Grouper.

On the deep wrecks we typically catch Golden AmberjackAlmaco JackBlack GrouperFishing Charter Miami - Spellbound Sport FishingRed Grouper and the king of the wrecks is the Warsaw Grouper.  We also catch Tilefish Vermillion SnapperLane SnapperRed SnapperMutton SnapperHog Snapper & large Barracuda.

Our fishing trips to the middle of the Gulf Stream & far off shore fishing trips are where we target SwordfishBull DolphinMarlinSharksTuna & Wahoo.  These trips we start fishing at about 10 miles out and are Swordfish fishing at 16-20 miles.  Swordfish is about the only fish that we need a full day to target properly.

We offer All Day Fishing Charters Every Day:

  • Our Full Day trip leaves the dock at 8am & returns at about 4pm.

What is included on our Full Day Charters:

  • All bait (live and dead depending on availability).
  • All Tackle (rods & reels included).
  • Fishing License for every one.
  • Ice, cooler space for drinks.
  • Refrigerator & Microwave for food.

What should you bring?

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