Hi Jay,

I know its been a long time but I since the fishing trip but I just wanted to say a big thank you.

We went out on the 13th of July with Manny and his team and had an amazing day.  We’ll definitely recommend it to anyone we know.

Highlights of the day were the 55lb trevally, nice mahi and the barracuda.

I have posted a review on trip advisor and attach some pictures from the day.

Cheers and thanks again,


Wanted to report back to you that we had a great time yesterday on the boat.  Although we didn’t get into any openwater stuff we had a great time over the reefs and wrecks.  Capt Gino had a lot of tricks.  He really knows how to fish these waters.  When the kings turned off, we went deep after some tile fish.  When we limited out on tiles, we went to the wrecks and caught some great AJs (1 40lbs and 1 50lbs).  Mike is a great mate who really knows his stuff.  He worked hard and efficiently on the boat.  Both guys have great attitudes and want to work hard to catch you fish.  We will definitely come back!  We had no idea the fishing in Miami could be this good.  We were joking that we can see the water we were fishing in from our condo on Brickell Key.  Who knew?  We would really like to catch some shark, sails, and dolphin when the time of the year is right for each.  We are down quite a bit and will definitely check with you before we come down next time and see what is catching.  Fee free to put this on your web site.  I don’t know if you do a news letter or anything like that but if you do, sign us up for it.  Congratulations on the new baby!!!
Tight lines,


Daivd White