Jig Fishing Miami…

The best jig fishing in Miami is over the many wrecks.  The artificial reefs off Miami &jig fishing miami Miami Beach are inhabited with all kinds of Snappers, JacksGroupers, Tuna, Cobia,  & Other assorted fish that will willingly hit all sorts of jig’s & Vertical jigs.

Above the Wrecks are KingsTuna’s & other pelagic fish. We use two different methods of Jig Fishing.  The first rig is what we call a “Vertical” or Butterfly Jig which is an all metal blade shaped jig, painted to look like a baitfish.  The jig will have one or two hooks connected to the top of the jig, then a 80lb – 100lb leader from the top of the jig and a swivel to connect to the fishing rod.  This jig is used to catch  bottom fish, such as AmberjackAlmaco JackRed Snapper, Mutton Snapper,  Grouper,  & many others.

The second method is traditional “Buck Tail” jig in 2 oz to as much as 20 oz depending on

jig fishing miamithe depth and current.  The jig’s we use the most are 2 ounce – 4 ounce white jigs with 6/0 to 10/0 hooks.  We tip the jig a bonito strip and bounce the Jig on the bottom for GrouperAmberjackAlmaco Jack, Snapper  & other bottom fish.  This jigging method is also effective on mid water fish like Kingfish, Little Tunny, Black fin Tuna.

Jigging for mid water fish is a really efective fishing method. When the Kings, Little Tunny & Black fin tuna are on the wrecks and on the edge of the deep reef the action can be fast and furious.  Light line from 12lb — 30lb on medium action spinning rods will draw a lot of strikes & be more than enough to land most Game Fish.  If you are looking for a fun new way to be hands on charter fishing, then book a charter boat on your next trip & tell the captain you want to go jig “jigging” fishing.