Fishing for Bottom Fish…

I enjoy Bottom Fishing, if you are on the right spot and the fish are bitting it is normally “insta bite” instant gratification.  The wrecks off Miami & Miami Beach are alive with all sorts of Snappers, Jacks, Groupers, Cobia, Trigger Fish & Other assorted smaller bottom

fish.  Above the bottom are Kings, Tuna’s & other pelagic fish. We use two different main methods of Bottom Fishing.  The first is what we call a“Chicken Rig” which is a multiple hook up and down rig with the lead on the bottom, hooks on dropper loops in the middle and a swivel to connect to the fishing rod.  This rig is used to catch  bottom fish on cut bait, such as Red Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, Lane Snapper, Grouper, Trigger Fish & many others.

The second method is dropping live baits on a long leader with a one to three pound lead.  We use this rig with a live Pin Fish, Blue Runner, Bonita or other live bait fish to target larger Grouper, Amberjack, Almaco Jack & other larger bottom fish.