Kite Fishing

One of the most exiting Deep Sea Sport fishing methods that we have mastered is Kite Fishing.  Kite fishing is so effective because it presents a bait either live or dead is the most natural way possible.  The baits are hung down from the kite connected by a release clip on the main kite line.  The baits are kept on the surface fighting to go down, this “panic” signal the baits put out call fish in from far & trigger their natural instinct to attack.

We fish a two kite spread with three baits on each kite as long as the conditions will allow, just the right wind speed and direction.  With six live baits spread out and organized on the surface behind the boat, it’s a deadly tactic.  We use light line, mostly 20 – 30 lb line with light 50 or 60 pound leaders.  When the “toothy critters” Kings, Barracuda & Sharks are around we will use a small trace of light #4 to #6 wire leader to prevent cut off’s.  Hooks we choose are circle hooks or small light wire J-

hooks depending on the species that we are targeting.  The size of the hook is determined by the bait size, not the size of the targeted Game Fish.

Kite Fishing can be the best method to target; Sailfish, Sharks, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Kings, Tuna & all sorts of other Game Fish.  The kite fishing method is so effective that we have even on occasion caught Groupers and Amberjacks on surface kite baits in over 100 foot of water.  Yes, these bottom fish swam up more than 100 foot to attack a surface kite bait.